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Latest from the Blog

Beast of Burden

Oh the familiar beast of burden. Something I have felt all my life – well for as long as I can remember. With me, it manifests itself in 2 forms. Neither of them are particularly helpful and both of them are pretty exhausting in their own right. Here’s what I mean. I have always takenContinue reading “Beast of Burden”

Cafe Del Mar

I have a weird feeling that I am actually beginning to give less of a shit about things. Stuff that would normally take up a lot of space in my head and energy seems to have affected less than usual. It is a feeling that has been with be for just over a week andContinue reading “Cafe Del Mar”


I am stuck in a negative spiral at the moment. I hope I am in the middle of it as it means I will come out the other side soon. But it has been a long one. I am tired of trying to pick myself up every day. I am tired of feeling like this.Continue reading “Lithium”

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