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Latest from the Blog

Gimme Shelter

This is my ultimate go to song. For so many reasons. A lot of those reasons are positive – it pumps me up, it takes me to many good places in my memories and vocally it resonates with me in every way. Some of the reasons are less positive – and it is a songContinue reading “Gimme Shelter”

Out To Get You

It’s been a tough week or so. I am okay with that. Don’t panic. It is part of the cycle – part of the journey and I have come to accept that on some level they are needed. Over the last week I have lost all confidence – in pretty much every area. I knowContinue reading “Out To Get You”

Man with The Red Face

One thing that I have alluded to since the start of my (so far) very short blogging journey is that music has multiple affects on me – and a complete ability to switch my mood. Recently I have had some more positive days and a small part of that is down to revisiting a genreContinue reading “Man with The Red Face”

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