Creep by Radiohead is a song that sits close with me – on so many levels. Clearly, I think it is a good song to listen to full stop, plus the background story to it is intriguing to say the least – but it is the lyrics that resonate with me. They have also beenContinue reading “Creep”

Release The Pressure

It has been a few weeks since my last post – but actually this is my 18th so far and for that I am pretty proud of myself. I had no expectations when I set out to do this – I didn’t know if it would be a one off – or a regular thingContinue reading “Release The Pressure”

Dancing In The Dark

I think I am beginning to realise that I need more help. I have help. Very good help. Help that has made a massive difference already and continues to push me along a positive journey. That will continue – for sure – I will not give up on that journey. But I think I needContinue reading “Dancing In The Dark”

Street Fighting Man

As another year draws to the end a lot of talk turns to 2021 and the resolutions people will be making. I often make New Years Resolutions and I always break them – normally within the first 5 days. Probably like a large percentage of people – if they are honest with themselves. I usedContinue reading “Street Fighting Man”