Beast of Burden

Oh the familiar beast of burden. Something I have felt all my life – well for as long as I can remember. With me, it manifests itself in 2 forms. Neither of them are particularly helpful and both of them are pretty exhausting in their own right. Here’s what I mean. I have always takenContinue reading “Beast of Burden”

Cafe Del Mar

I have a weird feeling that I am actually beginning to give less of a shit about things. Stuff that would normally take up a lot of space in my head and energy seems to have affected less than usual. It is a feeling that has been with be for just over a week andContinue reading “Cafe Del Mar”


I am stuck in a negative spiral at the moment. I hope I am in the middle of it as it means I will come out the other side soon. But it has been a long one. I am tired of trying to pick myself up every day. I am tired of feeling like this.Continue reading “Lithium”

The End

Before anyone gets worried by the title – this isn’t anything dramatic or to worry about. As per my previous blogs it is a song that speaks to me on a number of levels and one that I have been playing a lot lately. The End, by The Doors, is a well known song ofContinue reading “The End”

Street Fighting Man

As another year draws to the end a lot of talk turns to 2021 and the resolutions people will be making. I often make New Years Resolutions and I always break them – normally within the first 5 days. Probably like a large percentage of people – if they are honest with themselves. I usedContinue reading “Street Fighting Man”

Les Nuits

Someone who reads my blog made a suggestion recently – which was to simply copy and paste each of the final paragraphs that I had written and put them into one blog as an exercise to highlight some of the positives I had identified on my journey. I thought this was a pretty cool ideaContinue reading “Les Nuits”


One of the challenges I have with myself and the way my mind works is letting things go – saying goodbye to something and moving on from it affectively. I mull over situations, conversations, events, thoughts and reactions in my head constantly. Not from a holding a grudge and plotting revenge perspective – I amContinue reading “Black”


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