Street Fighting Man

As another year draws to the end a lot of talk turns to 2021 and the resolutions people will be making. I often make New Years Resolutions and I always break them – normally within the first 5 days. Probably like a large percentage of people – if they are honest with themselves. I usedContinue reading “Street Fighting Man”

Les Nuits

Someone who reads my blog made a suggestion recently – which was to simply copy and paste each of the final paragraphs that I had written and put them into one blog as an exercise to highlight some of the positives I had identified on my journey. I thought this was a pretty cool ideaContinue reading “Les Nuits”


One of the challenges I have with myself and the way my mind works is letting things go – saying goodbye to something and moving on from it affectively. I mull over situations, conversations, events, thoughts and reactions in my head constantly. Not from a holding a grudge and plotting revenge perspective – I amContinue reading “Black”

All Apologies

I reached another milestone yesterday. Another birthday. Another year gone by. Some great memories last year. A fair amount achieved and some beautiful friendships and relationships discovered and developed further. But there is still a nagging feeling in my head about myself. That I hadn’t changed some aspects of my life that I really needContinue reading “All Apologies”

Gimme Shelter

This is my ultimate go to song. For so many reasons. A lot of those reasons are positive – it pumps me up, it takes me to many good places in my memories and vocally it resonates with me in every way. Some of the reasons are less positive – and it is a songContinue reading “Gimme Shelter”

Out To Get You

It’s been a tough week or so. I am okay with that. Don’t panic. It is part of the cycle – part of the journey and I have come to accept that on some level they are needed. Over the last week I have lost all confidence – in pretty much every area. I knowContinue reading “Out To Get You”


The latest song to hit my headphones time and time and time again lately is one called Consideration by Reef. For me it resonates in so many ways. For a start, in my opinion, it is beautifully sung, is very different from most of Reef’s efforts – but most of all it is the lyricsContinue reading “Consideration”

What it’s Like

I never expected to be writing so soon but I have to say I found the previous post I made to be quite a cathartic experience. I haven’t set myself any rules with this – other than to write once a week but it has to be done when I am feeling something. I amContinue reading “What it’s Like”


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